Tree Services

There’s not much Southern Tree Specialists don’t know about trees.  Our team of tree surgeons are readily available to visit your site, identify what’s needed and then help develop a suitable plan of action.  Whether it’s planting native trees, pruning fruit trees, fixing mis-shapen trees or deciding on the fate of a dangerous tree, our experts are there when you need them.  We can advise on the long-term care and maintenance of your trees, assist with landscaping and make recommendations such as which branches to trim to let light in to a property. Our consultants can help identify trees in poor health, provide cable bracing and propping of unstable trees, as well as complete tree removals.

Tree Evaluations and Reports

Sometimes nothing is straight forward when it comes to trees. Councils, lawyers and developers often need trees assessed for resource consent purposes, neighbourhood disputes, new developments and identifying trees that may be protected or potentially dangerous. Sites that need mapping or advice on how best to protect trees during construction requires accuracy and experience. This type of work requires professional tree surgeons like us @ Southern Tree Specialists.

Crown Reductions

Trees and shrubs can sometimes get too tall, too round or just  become lopsided.   Circumstances such as disease, restricted sunlight and incorrect planting or pruning, can cause a tree to grow horribly out of shape.  A trees eventual size may have been underestimated when they were originally planted, leaving valuable summer sunshine or an outstanding view blocked.  Our expert reduction services can reduce the height and overall size of your trees.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves the removal of the lower branches to lift the height of the crown. This work maybe carried out to increase the clearance between the ground and the lower branches to allow access beneath the tree.  This will allow more light into your garden or it can make the tree more aesthetically pleasing.

Crown Thinning

Trees and shrubs are fantastic assets in our landscape.  They provide many benefits such as shade, structure, habitats, erosion control and street appeal.  But over time they can block a view, sunlight or simply spread into neighboring properties.  The good news is this doesn't mean you have to remove the tree or shrub.  Thinning and pruning can restore the most unruly greenery back to their former glory.  All trees can benefit from thinning and pruning.  We may need to prune out deadwood, prune back overhanging branches, trim hedges or thin out trees and shrubs to let in more light.

Crown Cleaning

The removal of dead, dying, damaged or diseased wood. It also includes removal of crossing branches, dangerous branches, epicormic growth and climbing plants such as Ivy from the crown of a tree.

Tree Felling/Removal

Tree felling is not a service we like to emphasise, but we do realise that all trees will have to be felled at some stage due to death or structural integrity being compromised. We will at all times attempt to plant another sizeable tree in place of one being felled for future generations. Often our felling involves operating in tight and complex surroundings so we dismantle the tree carefully and in manageable sections to ensure a smooth operation.  If the resulting stump is a problem, we can grind the stump out.  Our specialist equipment will grind out stumps completely and even eradicate any lateral roots if desired. Also, our tree surgeons can remove excess arisings and additionally spread top soil and grass seed over the immediate area. Supplementary quotations are available for these services.